What To Do If You’ve Been Injured In An Accident In Florida?

Crime scene tape with cars in the background

What Do You Do When You’ve Been Injured In An Accident.

Watch as attorneys Victor Demesmin Jr. and Jeremy Dover discuss what you need to know if you’ve been injured in an accident in the State of Florida.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you and the people you are with get to a safe location. Then you need to call the police. The police can then determine the liability regarding the accident. Also, the police  will provide you with an accident exchange report. You can use a number on the accident exchange to get an accident report from the police. You can then get this information to your insurance company, which should help resolve your case more quickly.

Once you’ve gotten to a safe place and called the police, start taking pictures of the accident. Take pictures of the machines involved (cars, industrial equipment, whatever), the people involved, and yourself. 

Now that you’ve made sure you and everyone you are with is okay, gotten to a safe location, called the police, and taken pictures of the accident, what is next? You call your attorney.