Telemedicine Service Reporting [UPDATED]

Updated Telemedicine Reporting Document

Please See our UPDATED Telemedicine Service Reporting Document Below

In response to the Corona Virus epidemic that is currently upending the lives of people in America and people all across the world, on March 23rd, 2020, we put out a document with the intention of helping to clarify the billing process for medical professionals in regards to telemedicine.

In this time where many things are changing and many things are up in the air, we have continued to stay abreast of changes to this process as they unfold. We have created an updated version of this March 23rd document to reflect changes that have occurred in telemedicine service reporting since then. As of today, April 4th, 2020, these updates are the latest information available. If something changes in that regard, we will do our best to stay on top of those changes and communicate them to you quickly.


This Is The Original Telemedicine Service Reporting Document (Published March 23rd, 2020) – IT IS UPDATED IN THE DOCUMENT ABOVE (April 4th, 2020).

You can find the link to the original post here and it is embedded below for reference.