About Us

Celebrating a successful result with a happy client

We here at Demesmin and Dover pride ourselves on both our dedication and ingenuity in handling any case that comes our way. Innovative is a simplified version of what we strive to be on the daily in order to ensure that our clients receive the utmost care in every aspect of their case. Our clients are more than just another case to us, they are family.

Meet the Team

A business is only as successful as the strong individuals working both in front and behind the curtain, so we here at Demesmin and Dover are proud to celebrate our wonderful employees.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours began several years ago when the firm’s founding attorneys, Jeremy Dover and Victor Demesmin, Jr. met outside a Broward County Courtroom. Both Mr. Demesmin and Mr. Dover were young, hungry attorneys working in two different private firms that battled insurance companies on the daily. Fast forward a little down the line, and Mr. Demesmin and Mr. Dover then began working alongside each other, but always felt that they could do more. After much deliberation, planning, and attention, they ventured off together on their own to help clients near and far get their just compensation for their injuries and began Demesmin and Dover PLLC

We care more.